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As the glare of hi-tech screens becomes omnipresent in our society, more people are reporting sleep-related issues. In fact, the CDC now estimates at least 70 million Americans have some degree of sleep disturbance. Preliminary research also suggests that blue light from computers and smartphones can disrupt our circadian rhythms. 

As more people search for all-natural sleep aids, many have begun looking into cannabis-infused products. Most notably, patients and customers have started experimenting with cannabis gummies before bed. While marijuana edibles may have potential benefits for nighttime restlessness, people should know a few things before testing them. 

Why Use Cannabis Gummies For Sleep? 

Unlike smoking joints or using vape pens, cannabis gummies take longer to work through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Instead of going directly into our lungs, edibles have to pass through the liver before entering the bloodstream. This means you won’t notice the effects of cannabis gummies for about 30 – 60 minutes after eating them.

Many people with sleep issues prefer the slow & steady release that cannabis gummies provide. These edibles also tend to be a better choice for people new to cannabinoids. Since these gummies have to go through the digestive tract, they won’t smack new users with an overwhelming “blast” of calm. Instead, people who take low doses of cannabis gummies often report a mild “high” that gently lifts away tension.

However, customers need to be extra cautious when dosing cannabis gummies. Since edibles won’t produce immediate effects, it’s common for new users to overshoot their dosage. If you take too much THC early on, there’s a greater chance you will experience side effects like paranoia. For the best results, patients must start with the lowest recommended dose of their edibles. Never increase your edible dosage until you have a few days of experience with this low dose. 

What To Look For In Cannabis Gummies For Sleep

Whenever evaluating cannabis items like gummies, you must ask for third-party lab results. These unbiased reports will give you a glimpse into the purity and potency of your weed edibles. Since the cannabis industry isn’t federally regulated, Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are the only way to guarantee you’re using a high-quality item.

In addition to reviewing these lab reports, you must figure out the THC-to-CBD ratio in your gummies. Although some customers claim THC helps them relax, others find that this psychoactive cannabinoid provokes undesirable side effects (e.g., panic attacks). Also, most studies suggest that microdoses of THC have the optimal impact on anxiety. 

By contrast, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that seems to have calming properties. A few trials suggest that CBD can increase sleep duration and improve sleep quality. Nobody’s sure whether CBD directly influences the circadian rhythm, but most believe it has a less intense & “soothing” effect on the ECS than THC. Therefore, people new to cannabis should stick with gummies that have a higher balance of CBD before experimenting with THC-heavy products. 

Lastly, always review if there are secondary ingredients in your cannabis gummies. Many cannabis products in the sleep health market have complementary herbs or chemicals like melatonin, lemon balm, and chamomile. Also, be sure to see if there are any additives like colors, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners to ensure these gummies meet your dietary requirements.