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Although there are dozens of anti-anxiety and antidepressant prescriptions, many patients prefer using all-natural supplements to control their anxiety symptoms. Following the legalization of hemp in 2018, more Americans have begun experimenting with CBD gummies to reduce stress. As more doctors publish studies on CBD’s analgesic properties, it’s becoming increasingly common for therapists to recommend trying CBD in an anti-anxiety treatment regimen.  

It’s safe to say that everyone’s feeling stressed out nowadays. Recent statistics show the number of adults diagnosed with anxiety continues to rise. Currently, about 6.8 million American adults have some degree of anxiety. Health experts are particularly concerned about the rapid increase of teens and young adults with anxiety-related issues. 


Why Use CBD Gummies For Anxiety? 


Patients new to medical cannabis often wonder why so many people focus on CBD gummies rather than THC marijuana strains. After all, don’t most people smoke marijuana to feel “relaxed?” Why wouldn’t people want to take advantage of THC’s effects if they could use medical marijuana?


Although many MMJ patients use THC strains for conditions like anxiety, it’s not the optimal choice for everyone. Since THC is a psychoactive compound, patients are more likely to experience paranoia or panic attacks after ingesting this cannabinoid. Many people already prone to anxiety experience undesirable side effects from THC products.


Plus, THC still isn’t federally legal in the USA. More US states now have legal marijuana dispensaries, but it’s more difficult for Americans to find lab-verified THC products. 


By contrast, CBD is legal in all 50 US states and rarely induces side effects like paranoia. CBD doesn’t land directly on the brain’s CB1 receptors like THC. In fact, new data suggests CBD blocks THC from interacting with the brain. More studies suggest CBD gummies can increase natural “feel-good” hormones like anandamide, which may explain CBD’s soothing properties. People who take CBD gummies won’t feel “high” once this cannabinoid enters their system. Instead, users often report a clear-headed sense of “calm” that allows them to remain productive while experiencing anti-anxiety benefits. 


Compared with other hemp products, CBD edibles take longer to work through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). While this may not be ideal for acute anxiety relief, it could provide more sustained stress reduction throughout the day. People interested in microdosing CBD during a busy workday often experience the most benefits from CBD gummies. 


How Should People Use CBD Gummies For Anxiety? 


Before customers use CBD gummies for anxiety, they should double-check that their product has third-party lab test results. These Certificates of Analysis (COAs) prove the CBD in your gummies comes from a clean hemp source without any pesticides, unnecessary additives, or heavy metals.


Once you’ve confirmed your CBD gummies have legit lab reports, please start with the minimum recommended dose. While CBD rarely causes severe side effects like paranoia, everyone reacts to this cannabinoid differently. It’s always safest to start experimenting with CBD on a day you don’t plan to be productive just in case it triggers drowsiness. Also, remember that CBD can interact with prescription medications. Please only start using CBD gummies after speaking with your primary care physician.