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Nasha Extracts, comes from the word Nasha, an Indian word used to describe a high, which we’d concur is an appropriately fitting name for a brand providing such quality cannabis extract. From Nasha’s website: “Our founder spent numerous years in India living at the foothills of the Himalayas studying the origins of Hashish and the culture that surrounds it. After living in both India and California NASHA was finally born in the beautiful mountains of Humboldt County.” Nasha prides itself on going the extra step to produce the finest quality hash, utilizing pure mountain water to extract full trichomes from plant, helping to create a “high-potency and terpene-rich” final product. The final product is so impressive in fact, that it’s been chosen by high-end chefs in San Francisco, as the cannabis addition to their chic cannabis-centric dinner parties. And these aren’t just run-of-the-mill food joints either -- we’re talking exclusive, speakeasy-style events with VIP tickets, and elaborate dishes. Nasha is trusted by the finest quality chefs, presumably serving some of the most fastidious diners in the Bay Area, among many other countless hash-aficionados that prefer to enjoy it in more conventional, daily methods.

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